Outstanding feedback for our Fishery

Two of us arrived at the farm house this morning and while making payment at the cabin we had the pleasure of meeting (we believe) the owner,  as he took our payment into the house. 

By 9am we were on Heron and setting up for the days fishing. 

As we reached lunchtime the fishing was very slow, with two different parties suggesting it had been netted to transfer stock to the new pond.  However, one young man, who appears to be a regular, commented "this always comes on around 4pm".  By 3pm one guy was heard to comment "the only way to get fish out of here today, is with a stick of dynamite".
By 3:30pm things suddenly seemed to change, and we were all getting bites. At 4:10pm my mate caught a nice common and I was tempted to say, it's 10 minutes late!  From then on it was constant bites with fish showing and rolling on the surface.

I personally had 11 fish with the best a 7lb common.  Another chap turned up at 5:50pm and  was catching fish within minutes, in fact he had 3 or 4 before we left at 6:30pm.  So all the comments about it being netted etc were put to bed. 

We had a great day and I look forward  to returning soon. Even though we got sunburnt...yes, entirely our own fault.  The best £5's worth of entertainment imaginable, if  only to see the geese, ducks, moorhens etc squabbling over territory.
Keep up the good work.

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